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Educall Contact Center

After two years of excellent results for our own clients, EduCall has launched fully and ready to help other educational institutions, marketing companies and affiliate lead generators with a contact center unlike any other. EduCall is the only contact center that is 100% staffed with education-experienced admissions professionals based in the United States. In addition, our EduCall team goes through a rigorous certification process prior to beginning to the call any prospective students. By hiring only admissions professionals as well as certifying each team member, EduCall is able to produce higher results than most contact centers. Our staff knows the Education enrollment process inside and out and that level of understanding helps make each conversation more productive as we gain trust with the prospective students.

Our focus is on full accountability and producing results that can be tied back to Return on Investment (ROI). This ensures that the client’s investment with EduCall is quantifiable and we are accountable to actual results.

Our abilities are broad and we can customize each campaign based on the needs of our clients. Some campaigns that we offer are:

Speed to Lead

Our team contacts all prospects within a minute or less of submission into the lead database to ensure that first contact is immediate and responsive to the prospects desire for information.

Warm Transfers

Our team contacts prospects and qualifies them for an available program at the institution then transfers them directly to an admission professional at the campus to hand off the conversation leading to an appointment setting opportunity.

Lead Nurturing/Recirculation Campaigns

Our team contacts aged lead prospects on an ongoing basis to ensure sufficient dials to increase contact rates that will lead to increased conversions.

Appointment Setting

Our team contacts prospects using an institution approved script and sets appointments. Utilizing the experience of the team members we are able to more effectively engage with prospects to increase show rates.

Online Enrollment Services

Our trained admissions team members contact prospects and work and advise with them through the enrollment funnel from contact to enrollment to increase number of starts for the school.

Referral Campaign

Our team members contact graduates and/or alumni as well as active students to generate referral leads through our “Pay it Forward” call campaign that increases opportunities for lead generation.


Reporting can be set up to for you to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on customer requirements. We can integrate with your existing CRM to ensure full tracking, including optional recording of conversations for compliance and auditing.

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